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SheCAN! Steering Committee

SheCAN! Steering Committee

Amanda Alford


Amanda is a “momtrepreneur” who is living her passion of dog grooming and owning a family business with her husband. She is on a mission to spread love, light and positivity to the human and dog world. Amanda is a mother of three young children and her family is her source of joy and motivation. Amanda is the Event Coordinator and leader of the D.E.I. Committee of SheCAN! where she loves empowering women. She believes that SheCAN! allows her to step into her power and she is devoted to helping other women discover that!

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Linda Bucher

Linda Bucher LLC

Linda Bucher is lighting the way for ripple makers to learn, grow, thrive, and affect positive change in the world. 

Linda believes that each of us has unique gifts to share with the world and that YOU are here to make big, beautiful, positive ripples that no one else can make. Linda's gift is lighting the way for that to happen. 

At the heart of everything she does, Linda is a ripple maker and a servant leader. As a  master coach, mindset mentor, speaker, show host, and author, Linda's expertise lies in synthesizing her experience, skills, and talents, to coach, lead, mentor and teach. 

Incorporating 25 years of corporate experience, more than 13 years as an entrepreneur, and an MBA, with her multiple coaching certifications and diverse life experiences, Linda sits in a unique place to help people to unleash their gifts, turn dreams into realities, and make a difference. 

Linda hosts a podcast called Conversations Worth Your While in which she chats with authentic, heart-centered experts to spark, inspire and motivate positive change. She is also the author of 4 books, each of which centers around her philosophy: "When you wrap what you're doing and how you're doing it around who you are, happiness and success will meet you there" and will move you toward making the difference you're here to make.

Linda is also a business strategist and a speaker, frequently contributing her experience and expertise to the organization as both an Advisory Board Member and as a SheCAN! Expert Presenter.  

Linda is the proud mother of two U.S. Marines and an amazing daughter. In her free time, you'll find Linda at her piano, in nature, or exploring the world with her Renaissance Man. 

Linda is always looking for people to love, opportunities to serve, and partnerships to engage in. Set up a Connection Call with her here.



Phone: 716-508-0509



Instagram: @lindabucher.gobigcoach


Linda Crist


Linda is passionate about creating space for women to feel welcomed and accepted, so it makes sense that she is the Community Builder and Director of Membership Experience for SheCAN! She is also a life-long learner, a multi-passionate conscious expander and a wellness advocate, with a goal to improve the health and wellness of the world, one person at a time. Linda loves to travel, spend time with friends and support local restaurants with her Instagram blog @frommyobservationdeck. She loves to meet new people and connect with women from all parts of the country and in all areas of life and business, and has taken the role of Brand Ambassador to further help SheCAN! succeed in accomplishing it's mission to empower all women.

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Adrienne Grace

Women's Wealth Advocate

Women's Wealth Advocate and Founder of Transitioning Finances, a holistic financial planning firm, Adrienne mentors women through divorce to clarify financial confusion, negotiate settlements with confidence, and move forward with financial security post-divorce. As a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Financial Analyst and investment professional with 30+ years of experience, Adrienne is committed to promoting women’s financial freedom.  Divorced and widowed herself, with years as a single Mom, Adrienne has walked this difficult path and found joy on the other side. SheCAN! help you, too.

Sallie Herberger

The Growth Coach of WNY

Sallie is an experienced executive leader and owner of The Growth Coach of WNY.  She specializes in helping business owners and company leaders build stronger businesses without sacrificing work-life balance. Sallie coaches them to take a step back, evaluate their business, think and plan strategically to develop a plan that will work for their business and life. There is nothing more powerful than to help others grow and develop into everything they can and want to be while maintaining work life balance! Sallie is a Certified Business Coach including The Strategic Mindset Coaching Process, Strategic Leadership and DiSC Behavioral Analysis for Selling and Team Dynamics. She is passionate about SheCAN! and is a proud member of the Steering Committee, Fundraising and Sisterhood Program and is committed to the personal and professional development of women becoming the best version of themselves.

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Ann Marie Luce

About Face Consulting
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Halimah Madyun

City of Buffalo

Francie Marzec

The Real You Physical Therapy

Francie is a passionate healer within her small, intimate physical therapy practice.  Her patients say she has “Magic Hands.” She is devoted to her husband, identical twin boys and her dog, and loves anything outdoors. She also a bookworm, loves to learn, and restores everything, big or small.  If it can be done, Francie will try it.

Adrianne Morton

Blue Lotus Consulting, LLC

Adrianne is a leadership influence coach, capacity and grant consultant and change agent. With over 20 years of experience as a leader in higher education, grant writer and administrator, and in the not-for-profit arena, she coaches and teaches the fundamental skills necessary for positive productivity. Adrianne’s approach encourages exploration, strategy sessions and support with ongoing coaching as a consultant.  She has followed her passion for coaching others and leading change to inspire teams and individuals to generate insights to create a healthy, high-performance work environment. Her favorite work includes building compelling narratives to assist organizations in developing grant strategies; crafting action-oriented business plans; and coaching individuals transitioning to leadership positions to exceed their professional and personal goals.

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Megan Scherer

Evans Bank

Ellen Weiss

Everyday Wellness

Ellen is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Master Workplace Wellness Consultant, Executive Wellness Concierge, and Stress Master Associate. She has created multifaceted programs concentrating on helping employees to “Shape Up, Slim Down, Stress Less, Sleep More”. Her goal is to help employees and entire families become happier, healthier, and more present at work and at home through lifestyle habit changes with long term results. Ellen works with clients privately and in groups through virtual zoom health coaching programs.

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Heidi Weitzsacker

LXR Travel

Heidi is a Professional Travel Advisor for LXR Travel with over 30 years experience in the travel industry.   She is passionate about helping her clients design and plan their own idea of a perfect trip. She believes the most important aspect and reason for traveling are the exciting places to visit and unique cultures to experience, the unique people to meet and connect with, and the memories made.  Meeting and connecting with new people is one of the reasons she is drawn to SheCAN! As a SheCAN! Steering Committee member Heidi is excited to share and invite other woman to the community so they can share in the experience.

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