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The Confident Coach: Connecting the Work You Love to the Success You Want to Achieve

Gain insight from author Linda Bucher, Master Certified Life Coach on tools, strategies and wisdom to find clarity, confidence, purpose and direction.

Not only for coaches, but relevant information for anyone looking for an enlightening journey to discover how to bridge the canyon between where you are and where you want (and are meant) to be. Includes a free, downloadable workbook. Uncover who you are and release who you think you’re supposed to be. Learn how to trust yourself and move forward by instinct (the only way to reach your purpose) Shift your mindset and beliefs (because what got you this far won’t get you to the level of success in life that you are meant for), and Redefine success for who *you* are (you’ll discover what success looks like for YOU) This pathway is relevant in the lives of each of us. Whether you’re a coach, an accountant, a landscaper, a musician, a retiree or a professional scuba diver, there’s work you’re meant to do and gifts you’re meant to give in this lifetime.
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